Blockchain Solution

Strategy Assessment, Blockchain Sandboxes, Solution Design, Solution Development, Solution Implementation.

We provide blockchain solutions for clients, including consultation, planning, design and implementation, which help them to build their very own blockchain solution and discover ways to implement blockchain into their businesses.

  • Consultation
    • Identifying a suitable use case for your business, using our expertise we help you come up with the most suitable use case that make sense for your business in your industry.
    • Identifying the most suitable consensus mechanism, the blockchain is a digital ledger and thus requires that the network maintains a consensus around the information recorded on the blockchain. This in turn impacts the security of the protocol. The most famous out there is Bitcoin’s PoW(Proof of work) which tasks miners with the security where the miners have to solve complex puzzles called hashes, the computer that finds it first gets rewarded with newly-minted bitcoins then allowed to add a new block to the network. Others include PoS(Proof of stake), PoB(Proof of burn), dBFT(Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) and many more.
  • Planning
    • Identifying the most suitable platform, there are many blockchain platforms available to use, depending on the consensus mechanism we’ll help you determine the most appropriate platform.
      • Ethereum – Smart contracts on a custom blockchain with ICOs and Dapps.
      • Stellar – Distributed payment infrastructure with RESTful API.
      • Chain Core – Blockchain for insuring and transferring financial assets.
      • NEO – Like ethereum offers smart contracts, ICOs and Dapps.
      • HydraChain – extension of ethereum for creating permissioned distributed ledgers for private and consortium chains.
      • And more.
  • Design
    • Identifying the node design, blockchain solutions can be public, private, permissioned, permission-less or a hybrid. We help you to figure out and customize to your needs. Some examples would be permission-less like bitcoin miners, public like any asset backed cryptocurrency.
  • Implementation
    • Developing APIs you need, most of the open source blockchains will come with some sort of build in APIs, you can use but some don’t. Our development team can help build the ones your business needs. Some of these include:
      • Generating Addresses
      • Data authentication through hashes and signatures
      • Smart Contracts
    • Design and develop the User Interface, your development stack is fundamental in how your business can succeed with blockchain technology. This is how your business and/ or its customers/ users will interact. We can help you choose the best Stack:
      • Front-end
      • Back-end
      • On-Chain / Off-Chain Data Storage
      • Decentralized Web / Storage Distribution
      Blockchain technologies maybe decentralized but perhaps your business needs an Admin or UI for other purposes to do with users accounts etc. A basic example could be an Exchange, user accounts need to be registered but the smart contracts could handle the trades and transactions
    • Thinking to the future, our services doesn’t end here, we can help you continue to build upon your customized solution by integrating new technologies.
      • Data Analytics
      • IoT (Internet of Things)
      • Cloud
      • Machine Learning
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